Events - Technical Seminars

In the era of constant changes and dynamism, staying competitive is the key to sustainable growth and performance.  It is in this context that seminars become relevant for staff in order to keep them motivated and up to date with industry trends and new technologies.  Seminars are in a way almost essential for maintaining the relevance of the workers’ contributions to the organisation. 

Apart from the benefits accrued to the organisation as a whole, these seminars benefit  staff, learning new skills and they become a valued asset in any organisation and for this reason, seminar costs  can be measured and  calculated as a return on investment. 

The CTFA co-ordinates and will host seminars from time to time on  relevant subjects and topics of interest with bearing and benefit to the cosmetic business sector.

Information, agenda details and booking forms are emailed  in advance to CTFA Members and  non-members on the data base.  If appropriate, the CTFA collaborates with like industry trade associations to host events.  Speakers and presenters may include professionals, leaders and experts from the industry, allied learning institutions and or Government departments offering assistance or programmes to advance development within the cosmetic industry.

What matters at a seminar is the enriching  experience of working together, gaining knowledge and networking.


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