Can CTFA provide sales statistics for the personal care products industry?
CTFA does not collect statistical information on sales, trends, or marketing for the personal care products industry.

What are Certificates of Free Sale? Who can apply for them?
These certificates are required by governments/ shipping agents to clear consignments in certain countries that need assurance that products exported from South Africa may be freely marketed within the Republic of South Africa in accordance with the South African Regulations. They are only issued for CTFA Members.

I would like to make lipstick, blush, etc. Can CTFA provide information on getting started in the personal care products industry?
CTFA is a member regulatory service organisation and is not in a position to provide technical assistance to non-member start-ups.


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CTFA 4th Edition Cosmetic Compendium
Please note there is a more user friendly version of the CTFA 4th Edition Compendium PLUS available on the Members Only webpage which also include the SABS Standards.