Where can I find Cosmetic Regulations for the South African Market?
The Self Regulatory Codes of Practice, reference to the South African National Standards (SANS) as well as Annexures to these regulations are contained in the latest Edition of the CTFA Cosmetic Compendium. The compendium is available for purchase from the CTFA Office. It is however advisable to consider CTFA Membership as interpretation of the regulations by people with experience in working with them is key.

Does CTFA provide regulatory expertise for other parts of the world?
No. CTFA only advises members on South African cosmetic regulations. Should you wish to export your products to other countries, it is advisable that you contact the regulatory authorities in the destination countries for your products to get clarity on their regulatory requirements.

Do I need to register cosmetic products marketed in South Africa?
Currently there is no legal requirement to do so. The products in question however must meet certain criteria for them to be considered cosmetics and thus be exempt from any form of registration.

Can I place products on the South African market directly from another market elsewhere in the world?
The regulatory environment in South Africa is unique to this country. There are changes that may need to be made to certain aspects of the product labelling to ensure its regulatory compliance in South Africa. CTFA offers an artwork review service to its members.

As a South African company that manufactures its products locally, can CTFA assist us with product labelling or artwork copy?
This benefit is exclusive only to CTFA members. CTFA will not write or develop artwork copy for any company; however we do give regulatory advice on artwork copy that has been developed by any of our member companies that request this service. The artwork review process ensures that products do not fall outside of the regulations. 

Do I need to substantiate product performance claims?
Claims relating to points of difference require scientific substantiation. It is the responsibility of the company making claims on a product to ensure that they have appropriate Scientific Substantiation on hand.

Does CTFA test products? How can I substantiate product performance claims?
CTFA does not test any products. We only provide regulatory advice to our members. There are clinical laboratories in South Africa and the world over that carry out clinical studies to substantiate product performance claims. Scientific substantiation at the ASA is judged according to international standards.

Does CTFA endorse any products or companies?
CTFA does not endorse any products or companies. This means that no product can carry the CTFA logo or claim to have been approved by CTFA. Members are only issued with membership certificates annually, that are valid for the calendar year of their membership which runs from January to December.

For clarity on these and any other regulatory issues, we advise you to consider CTFA membership or you can contact us on +27 11 795 4272 or email: technical@ctfa.co.za


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