Consumer Advice

Injectable Sun Tan Products are not Cosmetics

CAUTION:- Any ‘treatment ‘ taken by mouth or injected into the skin is NOT a cosmetic product.

Consumers may be tempted to try tablets or  injectable products for sale on the internet  that offer a tan. 

These products are not cosmetic products and are therefore not within the arena of the CTFA, however,  the public must know that they are putting themselves at risk by using oral or injectable items.

Check out the UK link for the warning facts about Tanning Injections :- 

Check out the UK link MHRA Regulating Medicines and Medical Devices :- 

 The Dangers of Brazilian Straighteners

There are several straighteners and hair relaxer products on the market however not all formulations are considered compliant with safety regulations - either for salon professional use or for consumer use at home. read more

Understanding Cosmetic Product Labelling

Cosmetic labelling is used, as an advertising and communication tool by the company responsible for placing the product on the South African market. Here are some key pieces of information to look out for when browsing through cosmetic products in the retail aisles  read more

Understanding Cosmetic Ingredient Categories

Cosmetic products are manufactured from a selection of literally thousands of ingredients. With continued research and development coupled with advanced innovation, the cosmetic ingredient base will continue to expand. On average a single cosmetic product contains about twenty three ingredients; this number is not cast in stone but is a statistical average. Each ingredient is expertly chosen to fulfil a function or several functions within the same product formulation. Often cosmetic ingredients are classified into groups because of their functions in formulations.  read more


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