About Us

The CTFA proudly retains its position as the industry’s voice committed to maintaining the high quality and safety of cosmetic products.

The South African cosmetic & toiletry industry is vibrant and dynamic, comprising of an interesting mix of multinational giants, local brand owners and small entrepreneurial companies. The industry is self-regulated, ascribes to high quality standards and is poised to make its mark in the international arena.

The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association of South Africa (CTFA) was formed in 1994 to allow representation of the cosmetics industry by a single, focused body.

The association represents and promotes the interests of its member companies, is an authoritative voice for the South African industry and actively articulates industry viewpoints to government departments. It continues to lead the industry forward with regard to settling and updating regulations and standards, and encourages responsible advertising.

The CTFA advocates international harmonisation and recognition and has since 2000, been a member of the European Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association (previously known as Colipa), based in Brussels. Ensuring that South Africa is kept updated on cosmetics information worldwide.

Membership is open to any company distributing or manufacturing cosmetics. Annual subscription fees are based on turnover. Companies associated with the cosmetics industry, but not directly involved in distribution or manufacture such as packaging and raw material suppliers, may become associate members. An addition to the membership categories is Retail for the larger retail outlets.

The cosmetic industry is a very well regulated industry in South Africa. CTFA member companies follow the South African Cosmetic Compendium with regard to Good Manufacturing Practice and Codes of Practice. South Africa follows the European regulations and ingredient annex’s to enable ease of exports and imports.


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