CTFA Compendium

The CTFA Cosmetic Compendium consists of a summary of the various regulatory aspects of the cosmetic industry, as well as seven Annexes which deal with the ingredients for cosmetic products.  This ensures that very stringent requirements in terms of ingredients allowed to be used, are in place.

A 4th Edition 2016 CTFA Cosmetic Compendium PLUS soft copy is currently available to members and is included in the CTFA subscription fee. Soft copies are available for purchase by both members and non-members.

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CTFA Compendium 4th Edition Index

Section 1:            Background to Cosmetic Regulations

Section 2:            GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice

Section 3:            Metrology Requirements

Section 4:            Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa Advertising of Cosmetics

Section 5:            Primary Cosmetics with Secondary Antibacterial / Antifungal Function – Guideline

Section 6:            Cosmetic Cellulite Products

Section 7:            Hair Care Products – General Requirements

Section 8:            Skin Lightener Regulation

Section 9:            Sunscreen Products

Section 10:          Labelling, Advertising and Composition of Cosmetics in South Africa Code of Practice

Section 11:          Ingredient Labelling of Cosmetic Products

Section 12:          Microbiology Testing for Cosmetics

Annexures to the Regulations   

Annex I:             Illustrative list by category of Cosmetic Products

Annex II:            List of substances which must not form part of the composition of Cosmetic Products

Annex III – 1:    List of substances which Cosmetic Products must not contain,
                         except subject to restrictions and conditions laid down.    

Annex III – 2:    List of substances which Cosmetic Oral Hygiene Products must not contain,
                         except subject to restrictions and conditions laid down.    

Annex III – 3:    List of substances which Cosmetic Hair Dyes must not contain,
                         except subject to restrictions and conditions laid down.

Annex IV            List of colouring agents allowed for use in Cosmetic Products     

Annex V             List of substances excluded from the scope of these regulations              

Annex VI            List of preservatives which Cosmetic Products may contain         

Annex VII           List of UV filters which Cosmetic Products may contain  


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